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Prozac is the name of a drug, which is frequently used as an anti-depressant. The main factor of Prozac is fluoxetine. Many people inquire that where to buy Prozac Online? So, the answer is we can order Prozac online from many websites. The drug is used to treat symptoms like bulimia nervosa, depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, etc. The medication related to the SSRI classification. There are some Prozac withdrawal effects which are not good for health.

Prozac works by affecting the elements in the brain. It is broadly used to treat the above-mentioned symptoms though newer medicines with more or less the same arrangement have been launched. The medicine is manufactured and spread by Eli Lilly and Company. The medicine is available in white colored pellets as well as in a fluid form. Prozac should be stored away from hotness and humidity, at room temperature and should be kept away from the influence of children and pets. Some Prozac side effects are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting etc.

Conditions of Prozac

The medicine is commonly used by doctors as an anti-depressant. The medication is used to treat the following symptoms.

1.                Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

2.                Obsessive-compulsive disorder

3.                Bulimia nervosa

4.                Major depression in both adults as well as children

5.                Panic attacks

6.                Anxiety

The medication is sometimes recommended with another medicine called Zyprexa, which typically contains olanzapine. The mixture of these two medicines is used to treat patients identified with indications of depression caused due to bipolar disease or manic depression. The combination is also managed in cases where just one medication has not been able to give promising results. Other than humans this medication is also helpful in case of animals like dogs, it will stimulate dog’s metabolism but one thing should be kept in mind that Prozac for dogs is not used to maintain their behavior but to decrease their metabolism.

What are the dosages?

Prozac dosage should not be taken without the guidance and approval of a physician. It is sensible to take the medication as per the pharmacist’s prescriptions. The medication should be swallowed with enough quantity of water and should not be chewed. If you are taking the fluid form of the medication, make sure that the medication is measured in a measuring cup and not in a home spoon or cup. The fluid form should be taken as per the pharmacist’s prescriptions. Doctors usually administer around 20-80mg of this medicine daily to adults and 10 to 20 mg daily for kids. It usually takes about 4 weeks for the medication to start displaying its effects. In case you feel sick or face any opposing effects after taking this drug, notify your medic at once. Do not stop the use of this medicine without seeking your doctor’s consent. And some people use this medication for anxiety and usually Prozac dosage for anxiety is 10 mg. Generic Prozac cost is nearly $0.57 USD per capsule. The price for Prozac 20 mg is around $1.34 per capsule.

If you have grasped that you have missed a dosage of this medication, make sure you have the missed dosage once you remember.

What are the Precautions?

A lot of things need to keep in mind beforehand taking this medication. Notify your doctor if you are following from the following symptoms: If you are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy, if you have a history of bipolar disorder, if you are a patient of epilepsy or suffer from seizures, in case you are allergic to any substance or any drug, if you have been having suicidal thoughts or tendencies recently If you are diabetic, if you are suffering from cirrhosis of liver.

Separately from the above stated medical situations, also notify your doctor if you are taking medications which comprise any of the following chemicals- thioridazine, tranylcypromine, pimozide, etc.

There have been cases where patients have described has been suffering from hopeless thoughts and bents after being directed with this medication. Consequently, if you have such thinking after taking this medication, tell to your doctor instantly.

What are Prozac Side effects?

The Prozac side effects are:

1.                Allergic reactions like swelling up of the face, mouth, tongue or lips, skin rash, difficulty in breathing normally

2.                Behavioral changes- mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal tendencies or thoughts, depression, hyperactivity, agitation, etc.

3.                Vomiting

4.                Nausea

5.                loss of appetite

6.                The decrease in sex drive, impotence, trouble in achieving an orgasm

7.                Dryness in mouth

8.                Diarrhea

9.                Insomnia

10.         Flu

11.         A sore throat

12.         Severe blisters and peeling of the skin

13.         Sneezing

14.    Cold- runny nose