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Concerta a medication containing Methylphenidate is Central Nervous System Stimulator. It acts upon the areas of the brain that lead to hyperactive behavior and impulse control. Its extended release tablets are used for the treatments of patients suffering from an attention deficit disorder known as ADHD. It can be used in children who are above the age of 6 years. Many people ask that where to buy Concerta online? We can Buy Concerta online without prescription from many websites. Concerta generic cost is almost $11.45.


As it is used in the treatment of patients suffering ADHD that is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder it main use is to control the hyperactivity and improve concentration.  The Methylphenidate that it contains belongs to the class of drugs known as Stimulants. Hence, it stimulates the brain and works to increase the concentration period and heightens the attention to detail, decreases constant activity and

How to use Concerta?

A doctor should be consulted before taking the medicine and the amount of the medicine taken should be according to the prescription of a doctor or a pharmacist. It is good to read the patients information pamphlet before starting the medication and ask the doctor if you have any questions regarding the effects of the medicine.

The medication is to be taken orally. Taking it with foo is not a compulsion. It can cause insomnia if taken later in the day due to which it is preferred that you consume this medicine in the morning.

The tablet should be taken as whole and not crushed as it might cause too much drug to be released in your system making you more prone to side effects. Neither should it be halved as long as the doctor doesn’t not approve. The tablet should be taken regularly to achieve the best results and at the same time of each day.


The Concerta dosage that you will be prescribed by your medical specialist is usually based on your condition and the severity of it.

If the medicine has been used for longer periods of time it may cause some withdrawal symptoms. The most common ones are depression, anxiety or suicidal behavior. Stopping the intake of this medicine at once is not prescribed in these cases instead a doctor should be consulted and he might decrease the doses over a period of time to decrease the withdrawal symptoms that a patient might have to face otherwise.

On the other hand when this medication is taken for longer periods of time it may lose its effectiveness as the body might get used to it. In such cases once again a doctor should be consulted so that he can change the medication or manage the dose to make it more efficient.

Side Effects

An allergic reaction to Concerta rx may cause hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. In such a case a trip to a doctor is advised so that these conditions do not worsen.

If you start to face other symptoms related to the heart such as pain in chest, difficult breathing or a mild unconsciousness a doctor should be contacted immediately.

The medication may also cause psychosis symptoms as a side effect such as hallucinations, anger issues, negative thoughts and paranoia or hostility towards other people. A doctor should be called so that these can be managed.

Circulation problems may also arise which include numbness, feeling cold, paleness or blueness of the skin and finger or toe nails or wounds that were not caused by a physical injury.

Other side effects include:

·         Seizure or convulsions

·         Muscle twitches

·         Changes in your vision

·         A Penis erection that lasts longer than 4 hours and becomes painful.

 Other common ones include:

·         Mood changes

·         Feeling nervous or irritable

·         Sleep problems

·         Fast heart rate

·         Increased blood pressure

·         Loss of appetite

·         Weight loss

·         Nausea

·         Stomach pain

·         Headache


Where can I buy Concerta?

Many patients inquire that where to buy Concerta? We can also order from Concerta online pharmacy.